1 gain /ˈgeɪn/ verb
gains; gained; gaining
1 gain
gains; gained; gaining
Learner's definition of GAIN
[+ object]
: to get (something wanted or valued)
: to win (something) in a competition, battle, etc.
: to gradually get (something) or more of (something) as time passes
[+ object] : to cause (someone) to have (something)
: to increase in (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
usually + in
[+ object] : to increase in value by (a specified amount)
[no object] : to increase in value when compared to something else
[no object] : to get an advantage
[+ object] American football : to move the ball (a specified distance) down the field
of a clock or watch : to show a time that is later than the correct time : to run fast
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] formal : to arrive at (a place) especially after much effort

gain a/the jump on

see 2jump

gain ground

see 1ground

gain on

[phrasal verb]
gain on (someone or something)
: to come nearer to (someone or something that is ahead of you in a race or competition)

gain time

: to cause something to be delayed so that more time is available to do what is needed

— gainer

noun, plural gainers [count]
2 gain /ˈgeɪn/ noun
plural gains
2 gain
plural gains
Learner's definition of GAIN
[count] : something wanted or valued that is gotten : something that is gained
especially : money gotten through some activity or process : profit see also capital gain
[noncount] : something that is helpful : advantage or benefit
: an increase in amount, size, or number
[count] American football : the distance the ball is moved down the field during a play

no pain, no gain

informal also no gain without pain
used to say that it is necessary to suffer or work hard in order to succeed or make progress
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