1 free /ˈfriː/ adjective
freer freest
1 free
freer freest
Learner's definition of FREE
: not costing any money
: not held as a slave or prisoner often used after set
: not physically held by something
: able to do what you want to do : able to move, go, or act without being stopped followed by to + verb
: not controlled by a harsh ruler or laws
: not limited by government control
see also free enterprise, free market, free trade
: not limited by fear, uncertainty, etc. : open
: not limited in any way
see also free hand, free love, free rein at rein
: not having, including, or suffering from something unpleasant, painful, or unwanted usually + from or of
sometimes used in combination
see also scot-free
: not required to be doing something : having nothing that must be done instead
of time : not being used for work or other activities
: not being used
: not holding anything
: not attached to anything
: not covered or filled with things : clear
: giving, doing, or saying something very often
of a translation : not closely following or matching the original language : not exact

(as) free as a bird

: completely free

feel free

used to tell someone that there is no reason to hesitate about doing something

for free

: without charge : at no cost

free and easy

: very informal and relaxed
: not strict or careful enough

— freely

2 free /ˈfriː/ adverb
2 free
Learner's definition of FREE
: in a free way
: without charge : at no cost

break free

see 1break

free and clear

: without owing any money

free of charge

: without charge : at no cost

home free

see 2home
3 free /ˈfriː/ verb
frees; freed; freeing
3 free
frees; freed; freeing
Learner's definition of FREE
[+ object]
: to cause (someone or something) to be free: such as
: to release (a person or animal) from a prison, cage, etc.
: to release (someone or something) from being physically held or blocked
: to cause or allow (someone or something) to stop having or being affected by something unpleasant, painful, or unwanted + from or of
: to make (something) available for use
: to give more free time to (someone)
: to remove limits from (someone or something)

free on bail, freed on bail

see 1bail