1 formal /ˈfoɚməl/ adjective
1 formal
Learner's definition of FORMAL
[more formal; most formal] : requiring or using serious and proper clothes and manners
also : suitable for a formal occasion opposite informal
[more formal; most formal] of language : suitable for serious or official speech and writing opposite informal
: made or done in an official and usually public way
: done in a proper way according to the law
: arranged in a very orderly and regular way opposite informal
[more formal; most formal] : showing great concern for behaving in a proper and serious way
: received in a school
: relating to the form of something (such as a piece of writing) rather than the content

— formally

2 formal /ˈfoɚməl/ noun
plural formals
2 formal
plural formals
Learner's definition of FORMAL
[count] US
: a social gathering (such as a dance) that requires formal dress and manners : a formal event
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