1 field /ˈfiːld/ noun
plural fields
1 field
plural fields
Learner's definition of FIELD
: an open area of land without trees or buildings
see also ice field
: an area of land that has a special use
see color picture on this page; see also oil field
: an area of work, study, etc.
: an area of land that is used for sports
◊ In a baseball or cricket game, when one team is batting the other team is in the field.
see also center field, field event, left field, playing field, right field, track and field
◊ In basketball a shot taken from the field is a shot taken during ordinary play rather than a free throw.
: the area where work is done away from a laboratory, office, etc. often used before another noun
see also field-test, fieldwork
: the group of people, horses, teams, etc., that are in a race or other competition
often used figuratively
: a place where battles and other military activities happen see also battlefield, landing field, minefield
: a region or space in which an effect or force (such as gravity, electricity, or magnetism) exists
: an area in which a particular type of information is placed

play the field

see 1play
2 field /ˈfiːld/ verb
fields; fielded; fielding
2 field
fields; fielded; fielding
Learner's definition of FIELD
[+ object]
baseball or cricket : to catch or stop and throw a ball
also : to play (a position) on a baseball team
: to deal with or respond to (something, such as a telephone call or a request)
: to give an answer to (a question)
: to put (a team, army, etc.) into the field to compete or fight