1 fellow /ˈfɛloʊ/ noun
plural fellows
1 fellow
plural fellows
Learner's definition of FELLOW
informal + somewhat old-fashioned
: a male person : a boy or man
: a male companion of a girl or woman : boyfriend
old-fashioned : a member of a group of people who have shared interests, activities, etc. usually plural
or Fellow
: a member of a literary, artistic, or scientific organization
: a senior member of some British colleges and universities
chiefly US : an advanced student at a university who is given money to pay for food, housing, etc. : a graduate student who has been granted a fellowship
2 fellow /ˈfɛloʊ/ adjective
2 fellow
Learner's definition of FELLOW
always used before a noun
used to describe people who belong to the same group or class or who share a situation, experience, etc.
see also fellow man, fellow traveler
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