1 egg /ˈɛg/ noun
plural eggs
1 egg
plural eggs
Learner's definition of EGG
[count] : a hard-shelled oval thing from which a young bird is born
also : an oval or round thing from which a snake, frog, insect, etc., is born
: the egg of a bird (especially a chicken) eaten as food
[count] biology : a cell that is produced by the female sexual organs and that combines with the male's sperm in reproduction
called also ovum
[count] : something that is shaped like a bird's egg

bad egg

informal + somewhat old-fashioned
: someone who does bad things

curate's egg

see curate

egg on your face

◊ If you have egg on your face you appear foolish, usually because something that you said would happen has not happened.

good egg

informal + somewhat old-fashioned
: a likeable person

lay an egg

US, informal
: to fail completely : to fail in a very obvious or embarrassing way

put all your eggs in one basket

◊ If you put all your eggs in one basket, you risk all you have on the success or failure of one thing (such as an investment), so that if something goes wrong you could lose everything.

the goose that lays the golden egg

see 1goose

walk on eggs

see 1walk
see also nest egg
2 egg /ˈɛg/ verb
eggs; egged; egging
2 egg
eggs; egged; egging
Learner's definition of EGG

egg on

[phrasal verb]
egg (someone) on
: to urge or encourage (someone) to do something that is usually foolish or dangerous