1 down /ˈdaʊn/ adverb
1 down
Learner's definition of DOWN
: from a higher to a lower place or position
: in a low position or place
: to or toward the ground or floor
: to a lying or sitting position
: to or toward the south
informal : to or toward a place that is thought of as below or away from another place
: to or toward a place that is away from the speaker
: on a piece of paper
: at a lower or lesser important position in a list or series
opposite up
: to a lower or lesser degree, level, or rate
opposite up
: to a smaller or weaker state
often + to
: to a state of failure or defeat
: in a way that causes someone or something to be less able to move
: in a thorough or complete way
: to the place where a person or thing is or came from
: from a past time
: as a first payment : as a down payment
: in the stomach
British : away from a school or university

down in the mouth

see 1mouth

down to

: in a way that includes even (the smallest or least important part)
: to the last person or thing that can be used

down with

used to say that you do not like something and want it to stop or fail

keep your head down

see 1head

let your hair down

see hair

put your foot down

see 1foot

up and down

see 1up

with your pants down

see pants
2 down /ˈdaʊn/ adjective
2 down
Learner's definition of DOWN
: in a low place or position
: on the ground or floor
: lower in price or value
: less than an earlier or normal level
: having a lower level of activity
: having fewer points than an opponent
: not operating properly : not able to function
[more down; most down] : sad or unhappy
: finished or completed
: learned in a complete way
: having something written or recorded in an official way
US slang used to say that you understand or approve of something usually + with
baseball used to say how many outs have been made in the inning by the team that is batting
American football used to say that the ball or the player who has the ball is on the ground and the play has ended

down for the count

see 2count

down on

: having a bad opinion of someone or something

down on your luck

see 1luck

down with

: affected by (an illness)

when the chips are down

see 1chip
3 down /ˈdaʊn/ preposition
3 down
Learner's definition of DOWN
: from a higher to a lower part of (something)
: along the course or path of (something)
4 down /ˈdaʊn/ noun
plural downs
4 down
plural downs
Learner's definition of DOWN
[count] : a period or state of failure, trouble, etc. usually plural
American football : one of a series of four chances that a team has to move the ball forward 10 yards in order to keep the ball and begin a new series
see also first down
compare 5down, downs
5 down /ˈdaʊn/ noun
5 down
Learner's definition of DOWN
: small and very soft feathers often used before another noun
: small soft hairs
compare 4down, downs
6 down /ˈdaʊn/ verb
downs; downed; downing
6 down
downs; downed; downing
Learner's definition of DOWN
[+ object]
: to cause (something) to fall to the ground
informal : to eat or drink (something) especially quickly
American football : to cause (a football) to be out of play
informal : defeat