1 done /ˈdʌn/
1 done
Learner's definition of DONE
past participle of 1do
2 done /ˈdʌn/ adjective
2 done
Learner's definition of DONE
not used before a noun
used to say that an activity, job, etc., has ended
compare 1do 2
: cooked completely or enough
see also overdone, underdone, well-done
: socially acceptable or fashionable

consider it done

see consider

done for

: in a very bad situation : certain to fail, lose, be punished, etc.
: certain to die or be killed
see also do for at 1do 1

done in

: very tired
see also do in at 1do 2

hard done by

see 2hard

no harm done

see 1harm

over and done with

see 1over

when all is said and done

see 3all
3 done /ˈdʌn/ interjection
3 done
Learner's definition of DONE
used to say that you agree with the conditions of a deal or accept an offer