1 defensive /dɪˈfɛnsɪv/ adjective
1 defensive
Learner's definition of DEFENSIVE
always used before a noun : defending or protecting someone or something from attack : helping to keep a person or thing safe
compare 1offensive 4
[more defensive; most defensive] : behaving in a way that shows that you feel people are criticizing you
often + about
always used before a noun, sports : of or relating to the way that players try to stop an opponent from scoring in a game or contest
compare 1offensive 3

— defensively


— defensiveness

noun [noncount]
2 defensive /dɪˈfɛnsɪv/ noun
2 defensive
Learner's definition of DEFENSIVE

on/onto the defensive

: in or into a situation in which you are forced to defend or protect someone or something
: in or into a position in which you have to argue that something (such as one of your actions or beliefs) is good or correct when others say that it is bad or wrong