1 dark /ˈdɑɚk/ adjective
darker; darkest
1 dark
darker; darkest
Learner's definition of DARK
[also more dark; most dark]
: having very little or no light
opposite light
: not light in color : of a color that is closer to black than white
of a color : having more black than white : not light opposite light
of a person's hair, eyes, skin, etc. : black or brown in color
opposite fair
: less light in color than other things of the same kind see also dark chocolate, dark meat
: lacking hope or happiness
: bad or evil
: dealing with unpleasant subjects such as crime, war, unhappy relationships, etc.
: full of mystery see also dark horse
of a place : not known or explored because it is far from where most people live
of a voice : low and full in sound

cast a dark cloud

see 1cloud

darkest hour

see hour

— darkish

/ˈdɑɚkɪʃ/ adjective [more darkish; most darkish]
2 dark /ˈdɑɚk/ noun
plural darks
2 dark
plural darks
Learner's definition of DARK
the dark
: a state in which no light can be seen
: a place where little or no light can be seen
[noncount] : the time of day when night begins : the time when the sky becomes dark for the night
darks [plural]
: dark colors : colors that are more black than white
: dark clothes : clothes that are black, dark brown, etc.

in the dark

: in a state in which something is hidden or kept secret
: in a state of not knowing about something
see also leap in the dark at 2leap, shot in the dark at 1shot, whistle in the dark at 2whistle