1 damage /ˈdæmɪʤ/ noun
plural damages
1 damage
plural damages
Learner's definition of DAMAGE
[noncount] : physical harm that is done to something or to someone's body
see also collateral damage
[noncount] : emotional harm that is done to someone
[noncount] : problems that are caused by a mistake, wrong action, etc. : bad or harmful effects on a situation, a person's reputation, etc.
damages [plural] law : an amount of money that a court requires you to pay to someone you have treated unfairly or hurt in some way
sometimes used in the form damage before another noun
the damage informal : the amount of money that something costs

damage control

or British damage limitation
: things that are done or said to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse or to limit the bad effect of something
2 damage /ˈdæmɪʤ/ verb
damages; damaged; damaging
2 damage
damages; damaged; damaging
Learner's definition of DAMAGE
[+ object]
: to cause damage to (something): such as
: to physically harm (something)
Synonyms see: injure
: to cause problems in or for (something) : to have a bad effect on (a situation, a person's reputation, etc.)
see also damaged goods
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