1 curl /ˈkɚl/ verb
curls; curled; curling
1 curl
curls; curled; curling
Learner's definition of CURL
: to twist or form (something) into a round or curved shape
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object] : to become curved or rounded
always followed by a preposition or adverb, [no object] : to move in curves or circles

curl up

[phrasal verb]
: to lie or sit with your back bent forward and with your legs pulled up close to your body
see also curl 1, 2 (above)

curl your lip

: to move the corner of your lip up in an expression that usually shows disgust or disapproval

make your hair curl

see hair

make your toes curl

see 1toe
2 curl /ˈkɚl/ noun
plural curls
2 curl
plural curls
Learner's definition of CURL
[count] : a piece of hair that is formed into a round shape
[singular] : the ability of hair to form curls
[count] : something that is curved or has a round shape
[count] : an exercise in which a weight held in the hands is brought toward the shoulders and down again by bending either the wrists or the elbows