1 crop /ˈkrɑːp/ noun
plural crops
1 crop
plural crops
Learner's definition of CROP
: a plant or plant product that is grown by farmers
sometimes used before another noun
see also cash crop
: the amount of a crop that is gathered at one time or in one season
: a group of people who begin to do something at the same time
: a group of things that happen or are produced at the same time
◊ People or things that are the cream of the crop are the best of their kind or in their group.
[count] : a short whip used in horse riding see picture at horse
[count] : a short and thick quantity of hair on a person's head
[count] : an area in the throat of a bird where food is stored for a time
2 crop /ˈkrɑːp/ verb
crops; cropped; cropping
2 crop
crops; cropped; cropping
Learner's definition of CROP
[+ object] : to cut off the upper or outer parts of (something)
[+ object] : to cut off part of (a picture or photograph)
[+ object] : to cut (someone's hair) short
[+ object] : to bite off and eat the tops of (grass or plants)
[no object] : to produce or make a crop

crop up

[phrasal verb]
: to come or appear when not expected