1 crank /ˈkræŋk/ noun
plural cranks
1 crank
plural cranks
Learner's definition of CRANK
: a machine part with a handle that can be turned in a circular motion to move something
informal + usually disapproving
: a person who has strange ideas or thinks too much about one thing
US : a person who is often angry or easily annoyed : grouch
2 crank /ˈkræŋk/ verb
cranks; cranked; cranking
2 crank
cranks; cranked; cranking
Learner's definition of CRANK
[+ object]
: to move (something) by turning a crank usually + up or down
informal : to increase (something) especially by a large amount usually + up
: to start or try to start (an engine) by using a crank or some other method to get it moving
US, informal : to move (something) in a circular motion

crank out

[phrasal verb]
crank out (something) or crank (something) out informal
: to produce (something) quickly or carelessly
3 crank /ˈkræŋk/ adjective
3 crank
Learner's definition of CRANK
always used before a noun
: made or sent as a joke or to cause harm