1 cost /ˈkɑːst/ noun
plural costs
1 cost
plural costs
Learner's definition of COST
: the price of something : the amount of money that is needed to pay for or buy something
Synonyms see: [1]price
[count] : an amount of money that must be spent regularly to pay for something (such as running a business or raising a family)
usually plural
see also cost of living
: something that is lost, damaged, or given up in order to achieve or get something
often used after at
◊ To do something at all costs or (less commonly) at any cost is to do it even if you have to suffer, work very hard, lose everything you have, etc.
costs [plural] : the money used to pay for a court case

at cost

◊ If you buy or sell something at cost, you buy or sell it for the amount of money that was needed to make it or get it.

at no cost

used to say that something is free

count the cost

see 1count

to your cost

chiefly British
: from your own bad experience
2 cost /ˈkɑːst/ verb
costs; cost; costing
2 cost
costs; cost; costing
Learner's definition of COST
[+ object]
: to have (an amount of money) as a price
◊ If something costs a certain amount of money, you have to pay that amount of money in order to buy it, use it, or do it.
: to cause (someone) to pay an amount of money
◊ If something does not cost (you) a penny or (US) cost (you) a dime/nickel, you do not need to pay any money for it; it is free.
: to cause (someone) to lose something
◊ If something costs you dearly/dear, it causes you to lose something or to suffer a lot.
: to cause (someone) to experience something unpleasant
British, business past tense costed : to determine how much money will be needed to pay for (something) usually used as (be) costed
often + out see also costing