1 cop /ˈkɑːp/ noun
plural cops
1 cop
plural cops
Learner's definition of COP
[count] informal

it's a fair cop

British, informal
used to admit that you did something wrong and were caught fairly

not much cop

British, informal
: not very good
2 cop /ˈkɑːp/ verb
cops; copped; copping
2 cop
cops; copped; copping
Learner's definition of COP
[+ object]
US, informal : to get (something desirable)
US, informal : to steal or take (something) from someone
chiefly British, informal : to receive (something undesirable)

cop a feel

US slang
: to touch someone in an unwanted and unexpected sexual way

cop an attitude

US, informal
: to show that you believe you are more important or better than other people by behaving in a rude or unpleasant way

cop a plea

US, informal
: to admit to doing a less serious crime than the one you are accused of : to agree to a plea bargain

cop hold of

British, informal
: to grab or take hold of (something)

cop it

British, informal
: to be punished for doing something wrong

cop off

[phrasal verb] British slang
: to have sexual intercourse with someone

cop out

[phrasal verb] informal
: to not do something that you are expected to do
: to fail to deal with a problem or situation
see also cop-out

cop to

[phrasal verb]
cop to (something) US slang
: to admit to doing (something)