1 club /ˈklʌb/ noun
plural clubs
1 club
plural clubs
Learner's definition of CLUB
: a group of people who meet to participate in an activity (such as a sport or hobby)
see also fan club, glee club, golf club 2
: the place where the members of a club meet see also country club, health club
[count] : a sports team or organization
[count] : an organization in which people agree to buy things (such as books or CDs) regularly in order to receive a benefit (such as lower prices)
see also book club
[count] : a business that provides entertainment (such as music, dancing, or a show) and that usually serves food and alcohol : nightclub
often used before another noun
see also strip club
[count] : a special metal stick used for hitting a golf ball : golf club
[count] : a heavy usually wooden stick that is used as a weapon see also billy club
[count] : a playing card that is marked with a black shape that looks like three round leaves see picture at playing card
clubs [plural] : the suit in a deck of playing cards that consists of cards marked by a black shape that looks like three round leaves compare diamond, heart, spade
[count] informal : club sandwich

in the club

British, informal

join the club

informal also welcome to the club
used to say that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that you have had yourself
often used to suggest that a person's problems or feelings are not unusual and do not deserve much sympathy
2 club /ˈklʌb/ verb
clubs; clubbed; clubbing
2 club
clubs; clubbed; clubbing
Learner's definition of CLUB
[+ object]
: to hit (a person or animal) with a heavy stick or object

club together

[phrasal verb] British
: to combine your money with the money of other people
◊ If a group of people club together to do something, each member of the group gives some money to pay for something.