1 cause /ˈkɑːz/ noun
plural causes
1 cause
plural causes
Learner's definition of CAUSE
[count] : something or someone that produces an effect, result, or condition : something or someone that makes something happen or exist
often + of
: a reason for doing or feeling something
often + for
see also probable cause
[count] : something (such as an organization, belief, idea, or goal) that a group or people support or fight for

lost cause

: a person or thing that is certain to fail

make/find common cause

: to join together with someone in order to achieve a shared goal
2 cause /ˈkɑːz/ verb
causes; caused; causing
2 cause
causes; caused; causing
Learner's definition of CAUSE
[+ object]
: to make (something) happen or exist : to be the cause of (something)
: to make (someone) feel, have, or do something
often followed by to + verb
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