1 cart /ˈkɑɚt/ noun
plural carts
1 cart
plural carts
Learner's definition of CART
: a wagon with two wheels that is pulled by an animal (such as a horse or donkey)
: a small wheeled vehicle that is pushed: such as
US : a metal basket on wheels used to hold groceries while you are shopping
called also shopping cart, (British) trolley
US : a table with wheels used especially for serving food
called also (British) trolley

put the cart before the horse

: to do things in the wrong order : to do something first instead of waiting until something else has been done

upset the apple cart

see 2upset
2 cart /ˈkɑɚt/ verb
carts; carted; carting
2 cart
carts; carted; carting
Learner's definition of CART
[+ object]
: to carry or move (something) in a cart
: to carry or move (something)
: to take (someone) away by force usually + off
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