1 capture /ˈkæptʃɚ/ verb
captures; captured; capturing
1 capture
captures; captured; capturing
Learner's definition of CAPTURE
[+ object]
: to take and hold (someone) as a prisoner especially by using force
: to catch (an animal)
: to get control of (a place) especially by using force
: to win or get (something) through effort
: to get and hold (someone's attention, interest, etc.)
: to describe or show (someone or something) in a very accurate way by using writing, painting, film, etc.
: to record (something) in a picture, film, etc.
: to get and put (information) into a form that can be read or used by a computer
: to take (something, such as a chess piece) by following the rules of a game

capture lightning in a bottle

see 1lightning
2 capture /ˈkæptʃɚ/ noun
2 capture
Learner's definition of CAPTURE
: the act of capturing someone or something: such as
: the act of taking and holding someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner
: the act of getting control of something
: the act of putting information in a form that a computer can use or read
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