1 buy /ˈbaɪ/ verb
buys; bought /ˈbɑːt/ ; buying
1 buy
buys; bought /ˈbɑːt/ ; buying
Learner's definition of BUY
: to get (something) by paying money for it : purchase
[+ object]
[no object]
opposite sell
[+ object] of money : to be able to get something
[+ object] informal : to accept or believe (something) as true
[+ object] informal : to give money to someone in order to get that person to do something illegal or dishonest for you : bribe usually used as (be) bought see also buy off (below)
[+ object] : to get (something) by losing or giving up something usually used as (be) bought

buy a pup

see pup

buy in

[phrasal verb]
buy in (something) or buy (something) in British
: to buy a large amount of (something)

buy into

[phrasal verb]
buy into (something)
: to pay money in order to own part of (something, such as a company or sports team)
: to accept or believe (something) as true

buy it

informal or US buy the farm
: to die

buy off

[phrasal verb]
buy off (someone) or buy (someone) off
: to give money to (someone) for illegal or dishonest help
see also 1buy 4 (above)

buy out

[phrasal verb]
buy out (someone) or buy (someone) out
: to pay money to (someone) for his or her part of a company or team
see also buyout

buy time

: to get more time for someone or something

buy up

[phrasal verb]
buy up (something) or buy (something) up
: to pay money for all or a large part of (something)
2 buy /ˈbaɪ/ noun
plural buys
2 buy
plural buys
Learner's definition of BUY
used to describe something that is being sold
: an act of buying something