1 boot /ˈbuːt/ noun
plural boots
1 boot
plural boots
Learner's definition of BOOT
[count] : a covering usually of leather or rubber for the entire foot and the lower part of the leg
see picture at shoe; see also booted, cowboy boot, hobnail boot, ski boot
[count] : a forceful kick with the foot
the boot informal : a sudden dismissal from a job
[count] British : the trunk of a car
[count] US : denver boot

as tough as old boots

see 1tough

lick someone's boots

see 1lick

the boot is on the other foot

see 1foot

too big for your boots

see 1big

to put the boot in

British, informal
: to treat someone in a cruel or critical way
: to kick someone again and again
see also bossy-boots
2 boot /ˈbuːt/ verb
boots; booted; booting
2 boot
boots; booted; booting
Learner's definition of BOOT
[+ object] : to kick (something) forcefully
[+ object] informal
: to force (someone) to leave a place or situation
often + out
: to dismiss (someone) suddenly from a job
: to start a computer
[no object]
often + up
[+ object]
often + up see also reboot
[+ object] US : to lock a special device (called a Denver boot) onto one of the wheels of (a car) so that the car cannot be moved