1 board /ˈboɚd/ noun
plural boards
1 board
plural boards
Learner's definition of BOARD
[count] : a long, thin, flat piece of wood
: a flat piece of material (such as wood or cardboard) that is used for a special purpose
: bulletin board 1
see also message board
: a large, smooth surface for writing on see also blackboard, whiteboard
: a group of people who manage or direct a company or organization
: a group of people who have been chosen to learn information about something, to give advice, etc.
see also boardroom, school board
[noncount] : daily meals that you pay for when you are paying to stay at a hotel, school, etc.
see also room and board
[count] : circuit board
boards [plural] US : special tests that you take when you want to be accepted as a student at a college or medical school
the boards US : the low wooden wall that surrounds the playing surface in ice hockey

across the board

: in a way that includes or affects everyone or everything
see also across-the-board

go by the board

or US go by the boards
: to no longer be used or considered : to be discarded, rejected, or abandoned

on board

: in or on a train, boat, etc. : aboard
: included among the group of people who support a particular goal, project, etc.

sweep the board

see 1sweep

take (something) on board

: to decide to accept or deal with (something, such as a suggestion or idea)

tread the boards

see 1tread
2 board /ˈboɚd/ verb
boards; boarded; boarding
2 board
boards; boarded; boarding
Learner's definition of BOARD
: to get into or onto (an airplane, a bus, a train, etc.)
[+ object]
[no object]
: to put or allow (someone) into or onto an airplane, a bus, a train, etc.
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to cover or close (something) with pieces of wood usually + up
[+ object] : to provide (someone) with daily meals and a place to live in exchange for money
[no object] : to pay for daily meals and a place to live see also boardinghouse, boarding school
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