1 blow /ˈbloʊ/ verb
blows; blew /ˈbluː/ ; blown /ˈbloʊn/; blowing
1 blow
blows; blew /ˈbluː/ ; blown /ˈbloʊn/; blowing
Learner's definition of BLOW
[no object] of air, wind, etc. : to move with speed or force
[+ object] : to cause (air or something carried by air) to move
: to be moved or affected in a specified way by the wind
[no object]
[+ object]
: to create a current of moving air by breathing
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to produce or shape (something, such as a bubble) by blowing air
see also glassblowing
[no object] of a musical instrument, whistle, etc. : to produce a loud sound
[+ object] : to play or produce a sound with (a musical instrument, whistle, etc.)
: to damage or destroy (something) with an explosion
[+ object]
[no object]
sometimes used figuratively
see also blow up (below)
: to cause (a tire) to suddenly lose air and become flat
[+ object]
often + out
[no object]
often + out see also blowout 1
of an electric fuse : to melt and stop the flow of electricity when an electric current is too strong
[no object]
[+ object]
see also blow a fuse at 1fuse
[+ object] : to clear (your nose) by forcing air through it quickly
[+ object] informal : to spend or waste (a large amount of money) in a foolish way
[+ object] informal
: to make a mistake in doing or handling (something)
: to lose or miss (an opportunity) by acting in a stupid or clumsy way
[+ object] US, informal : to leave (a place) very quickly
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [+ object] US, informal : to throw (a ball) with great force and speed
British, informal used to express surprise, annoyance, etc.

blow a gasket

see gasket

blow away

[phrasal verb]
blow (someone) away or blow away (someone) informal
: to kill (someone) by shooting
: to impress (someone) in a very strong and favorable way
US : to defeat (someone) very badly

blow hot and cold

: to change repeatedly from liking or favoring something to not liking or favoring it

blow in

[phrasal verb] informal
: to arrive in a sudden or unexpected way

blow into

[phrasal verb]
blow into (a place) informal
: to arrive at (a place) in a sudden or unexpected way

blown out of proportion

see proportion

blow off

[phrasal verb] US, informal
blow (someone) off or blow off (someone)
: to refuse to notice or deal with (someone) : to ignore (someone)
: to fail to meet (someone) at an expected time
blow (something) off or blow off (something) : to fail to attend or show up for (something)

blow off (some) steam

see 1steam

blow out

[phrasal verb]
blow out or blow (something) out or blow out (something) : to go out or to cause (something, such as a candle) to go out by blowing
of a storm : to come to an end : stop
see also blowout

blow over

[phrasal verb] of a storm
: to come to an end : stop
often used figuratively

blow smoke

see 1smoke

blow (someone) a kiss

see 2kiss

blow someone's brains out

see 1brain

blow someone's cover

see 2cover

blow someone's mind

see 1mind

blow the gaff

see gaff

blow the whistle

see 1whistle

blow up

[phrasal verb]
blow (something) up or blow up (something) : to fill (something) with air or gas : inflate
blow up or blow (something) up or blow up (something)
: to explode or to cause (something, such as a bomb) to explode
: to be destroyed or to destroy (something) by an explosion
sometimes used figuratively
: to become very angry
blow (something) up or blow up (something) : to make (a photograph) larger : to make (something) seem larger or more important than it really is : exaggerate
of the wind, a storm, etc. : to begin blowing
see also blowup

blow your cool

see 3cool

blow your own horn

see 1horn

blow your own trumpet

see 1trumpet

blow your top

informal or US blow your stack
: to become very angry
2 blow /ˈbloʊ/ noun
plural blows
2 blow
plural blows
Learner's definition of BLOW
: a strong wind
: the act of blowing something (such as your nose)
compare 3blow
3 blow /ˈbloʊ/ noun
plural blows
3 blow
plural blows
Learner's definition of BLOW
: a hard hit using a part of the body or an object
see also body blow, low blow
: something that is done to fight for or against something
: a sudden event that causes trouble, damage, sorrow, etc.

come to blows

: to begin fighting : to begin hitting each other

deal a blow

see 1deal
compare 2blow
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