1 blame /ˈbleɪm/ verb
blames; blamed; blaming
1 blame
blames; blamed; blaming
Learner's definition of BLAME
[+ object]
: to say or think that a person or thing is responsible for something bad that has happened

blame the messenger

see messenger

have yourself to blame

◊ If you have only yourself to blame or have no one to blame but yourself, then something is your fault and nobody else's.

not blame

◊ If you say that you wouldn't/don't/can't blame someone or can hardly blame someone, you think that person has a good reason for doing something.

to blame

: responsible for something bad : deserving to be blamed for something.
2 blame /ˈbleɪm/ noun
2 blame
Learner's definition of BLAME
: responsibility for something that fails or is wrong
usually used with the
see also the finger of blame at 1finger