1 bang /ˈbæŋ/ verb
bangs; banged; banging
1 bang
bangs; banged; banging
Learner's definition of BANG
[+ object] : to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to hit something in a way that makes a loud noise
: to hit (something or someone) in a way that makes a loud noise
[+ object]
[no object]
usually + into or against
: to use your hand or a tool to beat or hit (something) in a way that makes a loud noise
[+ object]
[no object]
+ on
see also bang the drum for at 1drum
[no object] : to make a sudden loud noise
[+ object] informal + offensive : to have sex with (someone)

bang away

[phrasal verb] US, informal
: to work hard at something
often + at

bang heads together

: to use angry or forceful methods to control or punish people

bang on about

[phrasal verb]
bang on about (something) British, informal
: to talk about (something) repeatedly or for a long time

bang out

[phrasal verb]
bang out (something) or bang (something) out informal
: to produce (something) quickly
: to play (a song, melody, etc.) loudly on a piano

bang up

[phrasal verb]
bang up (something or someone) or bang (something or someone) up US, informal : to injure or damage (something or someone)
bang up (someone) or bang (someone) up British slang : to put (someone) in prison
2 bang /ˈbæŋ/ noun
plural bangs
2 bang
plural bangs
Learner's definition of BANG
[count] : a sudden loud noise
used as an interjection to imitate a loud noise (such as the sound of a gun being fired)
◊ In British English the informal phrase bang goes is used when you are saying that something you wanted or planned has become impossible.
[count] : a hard hit or blow

bang for the buck

US, informal also bang for your buck
used to describe how much value is received when money is spent

get a bang out of

US, informal
: to enjoy (something) very much

with a bang

: in a sudden and exciting way
3 bang /ˈbæŋ/ adverb
3 bang
Learner's definition of BANG
British, informal
: exactly or directly
see also bang to rights at 3right

bang on

British, informal
: exactly right