1 bad /ˈbæd/ adjective
worse /ˈwɚs/ ; worst /ˈwɚst/
1 bad
worse /ˈwɚs/ ; worst /ˈwɚst/
Learner's definition of BAD
: low or poor in quality
: not correct or proper
see also bad language
: not pleasant, pleasing, or enjoyable
: having, marked by, or relating to problems, troubles, etc.
see also bad blood, bad news
: not adequate or suitable
: not producing or likely to produce a good result
: expressing criticism or disapproval
: not healthy : marked or affected by injury or disease
: causing harm or trouble
often + for
: not morally good or right : morally evil or wrong
see also bad faith
: not behaving properly
see also bad boy
: not skillful : not doing or able to do something well
often + at
: having a tendency not to do something + about
: not happy or pleased : feeling regret or guilt about something
: not cheerful or calm
: serious or severe
: no longer good to eat or drink : not fresh
chiefly US, informal badder; baddest
: very good
: very tough or dangerous

a bad job

see job

a bad lot

see lot

bad apple

see apple

come to a bad end

see 1end

from bad to worse

: from a bad state or condition to an even worse state or condition

in a bad way

: in a bad condition

in someone's bad books

see 1book

not bad

: fairly good or quite good

too bad

used to show that you are sorry or feel bad about something
used in an ironic way to show that you are not sorry or do not feel bad about something

with bad grace

see 1grace

— badness

noun [noncount]
2 bad /ˈbæd/ adverb
worse; worst
2 bad
worse; worst
Learner's definition of BAD
US, informal
: badly

bad off

: having little money
: in a bad or difficult situation or condition
3 bad /ˈbæd/ noun
3 bad
Learner's definition of BAD
[noncount] : morally bad forces or influences : evil
the bad
[singular] : the unpleasant things that happen to people
[singular] : things that are morally wrong
[plural] : morally bad people