1 backward (chiefly US) /ˈbækwɚd/ adverb
or backwards /ˈbækwɚdz/
1 backward (chiefly US)
or backwards /ˈbækwɚdz/
Learner's definition of BACKWARD
: toward the back : to or toward what is behind
: opposite to the usual way : in reverse
: toward the past
: to or toward a less advanced state or condition : toward a worse state

bend over backward

or lean over backward also fall over backward
: to make a great effort to help someone or to reach agreement with someone

know something backward and forward

see 1know
2 backward /ˈbækwɚd/ adjective
2 backward
Learner's definition of BACKWARD
: directed or turned toward the back
[more backward; most backward] : behind others : not as advanced as others in learning or development

— backwardly


— backwardness

noun [noncount]