1 account ˈkaʊnt/ noun
plural accounts
1 account
plural accounts
Learner's definition of ACCOUNT
[count] : a record of money that has been paid and money that has been received : bill
see also expense account
accounts [plural] : records of income and expenses
[count] : an arrangement in which a bank keeps a record of the money that a person puts in and takes out of the bank
often used before another noun
see also checking account, savings account
[count] : a company's record of the products or services used by a customer and of the money that the customer owes or has paid to the company
see also charge account, credit account
◊ In figurative use, to settle an account or to settle accounts with someone is to do something that brings a final end to an argument, disagreement, etc.
[count] : a business arrangement in which a person or company regularly buys products or services from a particular company
[count] : an arrangement in which a person uses the Internet or e-mail services of a particular company
[count] : a description of an event or situation : a story or report about something
often + of
[count] : a list or description of facts
[count] : a reason or explanation for an action
often used in the formal phrase on that account
[noncount] formal : value or importance used in the phrases of no account and of little account
see also no-account

bring/call/hold (someone) to account

: to require (someone) to explain and accept punishment or criticism for bad or wrong behavior

by/from all accounts

: according to all of the different descriptions of something

by your own account

: according to what you have said about your own life or experiences

give a good account of yourself

: to perform well especially in a competition

on account of

: because of : for the reason of

on no account

chiefly British or not on any account
: for no reason : under no circumstances used to say that something will not or should not happen

on someone's account

: because of someone : in order to please someone

on your own account

: by yourself : on your own : without the help of others
: for your own sake : in order to make a situation good for yourself

take (something) into account

or take account of (something)
: to think about (something) before doing something (such as making a decision) : consider

turn (something) to (good) account

: to gain or profit from (something) : to take advantage of (something)
2 account ˈkaʊnt/ verb
accounts; accounted; accounting
2 account
accounts; accounted; accounting
Learner's definition of ACCOUNT
[+ object] formal
: to think of (someone or something) in a specified way usually used as (be) accounted

account for

[phrasal verb]
account for (something)
: to give a reason or explanation for (something)
◊ The informal saying there's no accounting for taste means that there is no way to understand why some people like something while other people do not.
: to be the cause of (something)
: to make up or form (a part of something)
US : to think about (something) before doing something : to take (something) into consideration
account for (someone or something)
: to show what happened to (someone or something)
: to know the location of (someone or something)
: to destroy or kill (someone or something)
also chiefly British : to defeat or beat (someone or something)