Learner's Word of the Day
December 2018
December 16th prepare
December 15th doze off
December 14th heedless
December 13th gingham
December 12th stand out
December 11th flatter
December 10th a touch of
December 09th turn turtle
December 08th applaud
December 07th observe
December 06th reflective
December 05th nearly
December 04th bombard
December 03rd relic
December 02nd overgrown
December 01st plug away
November 2018
November 30th tattoo
November 29th peek
November 28th mural
November 27th inconspicuous
November 26th gust
November 25th palpable
November 24th brace
November 23rd prep
November 22nd potluck
November 21st snarl
November 20th stable
November 19th edible
November 18th freshen up
November 17th flaw
November 16th shallow
November 15th accompany
November 14th foil
November 13th trickle
November 12th total
November 11th produce
November 10th crackle
November 09th take it easy
November 08th vestige
November 07th exclusive
November 06th similar
November 05th accentuate
November 04th frosty
November 03rd forbidden
November 02nd plead
November 01st garland
October 2018
October 31st cookout
October 30th spotlight
October 29th balcony
October 28th scant
October 27th comical
October 26th dole out
October 25th submit
October 24th sundries
October 23rd howl
October 22nd snow day
October 21st pasta
October 20th yield
October 19th jar
October 18th independence
October 17th merchandise
October 16th manage
October 15th deplorable
October 14th rubble
October 13th rectify
October 12th blistering
October 11th flaw
October 10th underdone
October 09th make it big
October 08th sideways
October 07th slumber party
October 06th fringe
October 05th adorable
October 04th paperwork
October 03rd maintenance
October 02nd cupola
October 01st refurbish
September 2018
September 30th sectional
September 29th treasure trove
September 28th feign
September 27th marathon
September 26th vase
September 25th filter
September 24th muffle
September 23rd soggy
September 22nd spatula
September 21st fluctuate
September 20th scrumptious
September 19th peruse
September 18th impractical
September 17th free-for-all
September 16th wall-to-wall
September 15th accelerate
September 14th miscellaneous
September 13th quandary
September 12th fantastic
September 11th abandoned
September 10th absorb
September 09th explosion
September 08th crunchy
September 07th reserved
September 06th voting booth
September 05th chaos
September 04th composure
September 03rd attired
September 02nd landmark
September 01st snuggle
August 2018
August 31st mattress
August 30th pedagogical
August 29th overdue
August 28th blaze
August 27th compass
August 26th medallion
August 25th deplete
August 24th hangdog
August 23rd legroom
August 22nd bridesmaid
August 21st dodge
August 20th wear down
August 19th irresistible
August 18th remote
August 17th in a huff
August 16th morbid
August 15th chunk
August 14th pantsuit
August 13th symmetry
August 12th panel
August 11th slumber
August 10th pad
August 09th arm in arm
August 08th flight
August 07th culinary
August 06th lift a finger
August 05th particle
August 04th ID
August 03rd diverge
August 02nd nosegay
August 01st decompose
July 2018
July 31st warm up
July 30th displease
July 29th intersection
July 28th campus
July 27th weigh down
July 26th reception
July 25th back-to-back
July 24th critter
July 23rd canopy
July 22nd tolerate
July 21st scruffy
July 20th telecommute
July 19th horse around
July 18th alluring
July 17th portend
July 16th stupendous
July 15th profusion
July 14th by word of mouth
July 13th work out
July 12th forklift
July 11th resolution
July 10th transition
July 09th no sweat
July 08th indicate
July 07th inflate
July 06th blank
July 05th chilly
July 04th raze
July 03rd pounce
July 02nd astronomical
July 01st bulky
June 2018
June 30th on edge
June 29th tactful
June 28th shambles
June 27th pamper
June 26th rudimentary
June 25th clutter
June 24th illegible
June 23rd pacify
June 22nd furrow
June 21st squarely
June 20th heaping
June 19th marinade
June 18th writhe
June 17th unsuitable
June 16th gazillion
June 15th drum up
June 14th precise
June 13th cameo
June 12th abashed
June 11th recline
June 10th hospitality
June 09th nonplussed
June 08th shake a leg
June 07th menace
June 06th trendy
June 05th snoop
June 04th meltdown
June 03rd ancient
June 02nd expire
June 01st footlocker
May 2018
May 31st raven
May 30th shrink
May 29th hilarious
May 28th get-together
May 27th rappel
May 26th stadium
May 25th primarily
May 24th overwhelm
May 23rd conk out
May 22nd conduct
May 21st launch
May 20th heartrending
May 19th soak up
May 18th indigestion
May 17th predominant
May 16th recognize
May 15th commencement
May 14th voracious
May 13th collaborate
May 12th umpire
May 11th rather
May 10th keep company
May 09th duffel bag
May 08th distraught
May 07th entail
May 06th portion
May 05th vibrant
May 04th depart
May 03rd horror
May 02nd stray
May 01st introduce
April 2018
April 30th garage sale
April 29th ticked
April 28th deny
April 27th headache
April 26th foul
April 25th extract
April 24th living
April 23rd identical
April 22nd reminisce
April 21st intention
April 20th alluring
April 19th blend
April 18th prudence
April 17th irresponsible
April 16th investigate
April 15th likely
April 14th strain
April 13th with flying colors
April 12th document
April 11th noteworthy
April 10th isolate
April 09th exemplary
April 08th wring
April 07th outstanding
April 06th toss-up
April 05th ajar
April 04th manage
April 03rd illusion
April 02nd famous
April 01st barricade
March 2018
March 31st rotate
March 30th compact
March 29th excursion
March 28th slather
March 27th backbreaking
March 26th growth
March 25th refurbish
March 24th no-nonsense
March 23rd tutor
March 22nd thumb through
March 21st exposed
March 20th constitution
March 19th tolerate
March 18th hangdog
March 17th luck
March 16th peel
March 15th wherever
March 14th hot spot
March 13th flex
March 12th curious
March 11th gourmet
March 10th overflow
March 09th comfy
March 08th gingham
March 07th subside
March 06th homegrown
March 05th remainder
March 04th squint
March 03rd blunt
March 02nd folly
March 01st moisturize
February 2018
February 28th applaud
February 27th in-your-face
February 26th admire
February 25th forbidden fruit
February 24th back-to-back
February 23rd the brunt of
February 22nd enliven
February 21st uplifting
February 20th cupola
February 19th farther
February 18th dodge
February 17th enamored
February 16th emanate
February 15th engaged
February 14th nosegay
February 13th lovey-dovey
February 12th in mint condition
February 11th toy
February 10th appliance
February 09th partial to
February 08th decorative
February 07th detest
February 06th mastermind
February 05th hot-tempered
February 04th prefer
February 03rd total
February 02nd cough drop
February 01st warmhearted
January 2018
January 31st outage
January 30th hoist
January 29th breathe easy
January 28th après-ski
January 27th heedless
January 26th buddy up
January 25th abrasive
January 24th cotton candy
January 23rd stuck-up
January 22nd legroom
January 21st patient
January 20th freshen up
January 19th panache
January 18th underdone
January 17th nevertheless
January 16th snow day
January 15th good as new
January 14th crack down
January 13th judgment
January 12th astounding
January 11th have a ball
January 10th spatula
January 09th swanky
January 08th quarrel
January 07th toboggan
January 06th comical
January 05th head over heels
January 04th chaperone
January 03rd astronomical
January 02nd chill
January 01st make it big
December 2017
December 31st sensational
December 30th inscribe
December 29th newbie
December 28th radical
December 27th sacrifice
December 26th a la mode
December 25th ornament
December 24th snuggle
December 23rd rarely
December 22nd tradition
December 21st rectify
December 20th with all your heart
December 19th outpouring
December 18th shiver
December 17th hospitable