Learner's Word of the Day
October 2019
October 20th blunt
October 19th cushion
October 18th flight
October 17th perforate
October 16th foliage
October 15th tousle
October 14th blaze
October 13th etiquette
October 12th hubby
October 11th (as) sick as a dog
October 10th amicable
October 09th hyperactive
October 08th sensational
October 07th panorama
October 06th convertible
October 05th colony
October 04th swipe
October 03rd baggy
October 02nd workshop
October 01st forklift
September 2019
September 30th soft spot
September 29th bay
September 28th plagiarism
September 27th conference call
September 26th disembark
September 25th resolution
September 24th wade
September 23rd malice
September 22nd private investigator
September 21st jet lag
September 20th deplorable
September 19th bare-bones
September 18th bite-size
September 17th dissolve
September 16th forage
September 15th clover
September 14th applaud
September 13th torso
September 12th immaculate
September 11th deny
September 10th scale
September 09th concerted
September 08th up to par
September 07th ventriloquist
September 06th splurge
September 05th document
September 04th tine
September 03rd scruffy
September 02nd hodgepodge
September 01st wreckage
August 2019
August 31st leonine
August 30th disposition
August 29th wear out
August 28th toss and turn
August 27th intricate
August 26th gripping
August 25th spatula
August 24th radar
August 23rd debris
August 22nd on exhibit
August 21st steep
August 20th cowlick
August 19th smidgen
August 18th plummet
August 17th neat freak
August 16th legroom
August 15th casual
August 14th refurbish
August 13th garland
August 12th accelerate
August 11th contagious
August 10th getup
August 09th easy
August 08th pose
August 07th smooch
August 06th howl
August 05th huddle
August 04th ceramic
August 03rd taper
August 02nd catastrophe
August 01st zip it
July 2019
July 31st ponytail
July 30th thumb through
July 29th stodgy
July 28th souvenir
July 27th indicate
July 26th regard
July 25th braid
July 24th commendable
July 23rd poised
July 22nd lagoon
July 21st doodle
July 20th subside
July 19th flow chart
July 18th flip-flop
July 17th take the bull by the horns
July 16th radical
July 15th comfy
July 14th uniformity
July 13th sting
July 12th as American as apple pie
July 11th embellish
July 10th immense
July 09th erase
July 08th free-for-all
July 07th unstable
July 06th enrage
July 05th arm in arm
July 04th pixelated
July 03rd bummer
July 02nd collapse
July 01st submit
June 2019
June 30th gamble
June 29th sensational
June 28th citrus
June 27th nowhere near
June 26th impatient
June 25th extinct
June 24th dress
June 23rd charity
June 22nd scale
June 21st sting
June 20th work your magic
June 19th shut-eye
June 18th tear down
June 17th reel in
June 16th scrap paper
June 15th bare-bones
June 14th stadium
June 13th marvel
June 12th mold
June 11th limp
June 10th snowdrift
June 09th chat
June 08th downpour
June 07th stack
June 06th struggle
June 05th generate
June 04th overly
June 03rd streak
June 02nd ring up
June 01st celebrity
May 2019
May 31st trophy
May 30th off-key
May 29th debris
May 28th gourd
May 27th rhythm
May 26th fluid
May 25th catastrophe
May 24th languid
May 23rd cursive
May 22nd outcast
May 21st faux pas
May 20th leap year
May 19th myriad
May 18th funnel
May 17th garage sale
May 16th inconsolable
May 15th casserole
May 14th rehabilitate
May 13th integer
May 12th loop
May 11th wear and tear
May 10th après-ski
May 09th majestic
May 08th charger
May 07th withdraw
May 06th kidnap
May 05th spike
May 04th blizzard
May 03rd shock
May 02nd artifact
May 01st idly
April 2019
April 30th scrape
April 29th spiff up
April 28th quarrel
April 27th clean your plate
April 26th skewer
April 25th amateur
April 24th stale
April 23rd origami
April 22nd pumped
April 21st confiscate
April 20th chide
April 19th graze
April 18th set up
April 17th knot
April 16th partisan
April 15th ornate
April 14th dive
April 13th solar
April 12th dome
April 11th fan
April 10th screwdriver
April 09th emanate
April 08th drought
April 07th sheen
April 06th over-the-top
April 05th peculiar
April 04th prudence
April 03rd egotist
April 02nd binder
April 01st abode
March 2019
March 31st expression
March 30th tow
March 29th meditate
March 28th mascot
March 27th antique
March 26th fragment
March 25th gild
March 24th in stitches
March 23rd wacky
March 22nd debate
March 21st kick back
March 20th gigantic
March 19th absent
March 18th influx
March 17th retail
March 16th magenta
March 15th awkward
March 14th apathy
March 13th pair off
March 12th man's best friend
March 11th milky
March 10th inevitable
March 09th deface
March 08th poised
March 07th lawyer
March 06th grotesque
March 05th scatter
March 04th plummet
March 03rd lace
March 02nd romantic
March 01st pace
February 2019
February 28th hairbrush
February 27th GOP
February 26th go beyond
February 25th petite
February 24th flank
February 23rd bay
February 22nd breathe easy
February 21st perch
February 20th amiss
February 19th openly
February 18th swipe
February 17th brainteaser
February 16th attention
February 15th multitasking
February 14th steer
February 13th magnificent
February 12th external
February 11th bundle up
February 10th confetti
February 09th roadblock
February 08th arduous
February 07th trade
February 06th zippy
February 05th shoehorn
February 04th stodgy
February 03rd swanky
February 02nd respect
February 01st entertain
January 2019
January 31st taper
January 30th tix
January 29th hazardous
January 28th vegan
January 27th shred
January 26th goofy
January 25th intimate
January 24th classy
January 23rd mandatory
January 22nd nibble
January 21st mass transit
January 20th goofball
January 19th nurse
January 18th cheerful
January 17th exhilarate
January 16th bait
January 15th delighted
January 14th fork
January 13th shrug
January 12th snug
January 11th toy
January 10th accomplished
January 09th intention
January 08th elusive
January 07th restrain
January 06th nightmare
January 05th scamper
January 04th smudge
January 03rd sightseeing
January 02nd plug in
January 01st dissolve
December 2018
December 31st (as) sick as a dog
December 30th leonine
December 29th bonus
December 28th ridge
December 27th collapse
December 26th wade
December 25th fierce
December 24th stormy
December 23rd squat
December 22nd terminal
December 21st flabbergast
December 20th permission
December 19th splash
December 18th glossy
December 17th knock
December 16th prepare
December 15th doze off
December 14th heedless
December 13th gingham
December 12th stand out
December 11th flatter
December 10th a touch of
December 09th turn turtle
December 08th applaud
December 07th observe
December 06th reflective
December 05th nearly
December 04th bombard
December 03rd relic
December 02nd overgrown
December 01st plug away
November 2018
November 30th tattoo
November 29th peek
November 28th mural
November 27th inconspicuous
November 26th gust
November 25th palpable
November 24th brace
November 23rd prep
November 22nd potluck
November 21st snarl
November 20th stable
November 19th edible
November 18th freshen up
November 17th flaw
November 16th shallow
November 15th accompany
November 14th foil
November 13th trickle
November 12th total
November 11th produce
November 10th crackle
November 09th take it easy
November 08th vestige
November 07th exclusive
November 06th similar
November 05th accentuate
November 04th frosty
November 03rd forbidden
November 02nd plead
November 01st garland
October 2018
October 31st cookout
October 30th spotlight
October 29th balcony
October 28th scant
October 27th comical
October 26th dole out
October 25th submit
October 24th sundries
October 23rd howl
October 22nd snow day
October 21st pasta