August 12, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
panel /ˈpænl̟/ noun

plural panels

Panel of judges at a competition
Panel of judges at a competition
Learner's definition of PANEL


1 a : a group of people who answer questions, give advice or opinions about something, or take part in a discussion for an audience

  • The university is hosting a panel on free speech.

  • Tonight's show features a panel of famous chefs.

  • Three of the members on the panel are doctors.

  • a panel discussion on (the topic of) education

1 b : a group of people with special knowledge, skill, or experience who give advice or make decisions

  • The advisory panel has recommended that the drug be approved.

  • A panel of judges selected the book for this year's award.

1 c US : a group of people who are chosen to be jurors : JURY — called also jury panel

2 a : one of the flat pieces that make up a door, wall, or ceiling

  • The room was visible through the door's glass panel.

  • One of the ceiling panels needs to be replaced.

2 b : a piece of cloth that makes up part of something sewn together

  • Each of the skirt's five panels is a different color.

  • Sew the two panels together to form a tablecloth.

2 c : a piece of metal or plastic that forms part of the outside surface of a vehicle

  • Aside from a dent in one of the side panels the car is in good shape.

3 : a flat surface where the controls of a vehicle, machine, etc., are located

  • the control panel

  • The last number you called is listed on the phone's display panel.

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