July 23, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
canopy /ˈkænəpi/ noun

plural canopies

Trees overhead forming a canopy
Trees overhead forming a canopy
Learner's definition of CANOPY


1 : a piece of cloth that hangs over a bed, throne, etc., as a decoration or shelter

  • A canopy hung over the altar.

  • a canopy bed [=a bed that has a piece of cloth above it like a roof]

2 a : something that hangs or spreads out over an area

  • A crowd had gathered under the theater canopy. [=the part of the theater building that extends over the sidewalk]

— sometimes used figuratively

  • the canopy of the sky

2 b : the highest layer of branches in a forest or on a tree

  • the jungle's thick canopy

3 : a clear section that covers the part where the pilot sits in some airplanes

canopied /ˈkænəpid/ adjective

  • a canopied bed/throne

  • a canopied forest

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