July 07, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
inflate /ɪnˈfleɪt/ verb

inflates; inflated; inflating

The woman is inflating the tire.
The woman is inflating the tire.
Learner's definition of INFLATE

1 a [+ object] : to add air or gas to (something, such as a tire or a balloon) and make it larger

  • We used a pump to inflate the raft.

  • inflate [=blow up] a balloon

b [no object] : to become larger by being filled with air or gas

  • The balloon slowly inflated.

— opposite DEFLATE

2 [+ object]

a : to think or say that (something) is larger or more important than it really is

  • His memoirs inflate [=exaggerate] his contributions to the war effort.

b : to cause (a person's ego, reputation, etc.) to become too large or great

  • All the publicity was inflating his ego. [=was making him too proud and conceited]

3 : to increase prices, costs, etc., in a way that is not normal or expected

[+ object]

  • Economists warn that rapid economic growth could inflate prices.

  • Increased competition has inflated salaries among professional athletes.

[no object]

  • Rapid economic growth may cause prices to inflate.

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