July 06, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
blank /ˈblæŋk/ adjective

blanker; blankest

Laptops with blank screens
Laptops with blank screens
Learner's definition of BLANK

1 a : without any writing, marks, or pictures

  • a blank sheet of paper

  • Leave that line blank. [=don't write on that line]

  • a book with blank pages

  • a blank wall

— see also BLANK SLATE

b : having empty spaces to be filled in with information : not yet written in or filled out

  • a blank passport application/form

  • Sign your name on the blank line. [=a line that marks a place where you should write something]

— see also BLANK CHECK

2 : without any recorded sound or information

  • a blank tape/disk/CD

3 : not showing any emotion

  • She gave me a blank look [=did not show any emotion or response] when I asked her where she had been.

  • a blank expression/stare

4 always used before a noun : stated in a very direct and certain way

  • I was surprised by her blank refusal to loan me the money.

  • a blank [=(more commonly) flat] denial

— see also POINT-BLANK

go blank

1 : to suddenly stop showing letters, images, etc...

  • The screen on my computer went blank.

2 ◊ If your mind goes blank, you are unable to remember or think of something.

  • My mind went blank when I heard the question.

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