July 03, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
pounce /ˈpaʊns/ verb

pounces; pounced; pouncing

Coyote pouncing on its prey in the snow
Coyote pouncing on its prey in the snow
Learner's definition of POUNCE

[no object]

1 : to suddenly jump toward and take hold of someone or something

  • The cat crouched low and waited for the moment to pounce.

— usually + on

  • As the boys rounded the corner, a group of kids pounced on them.

— often used figuratively

  • A salesperson pounced on me [=quickly approached me] as soon as I walked into the store.

  • When a few documents showed that the mayor had avoided paying his taxes, the press pounced on [=attacked] him.

  • She lost control of the ball, and the other team pounced on the opportunity to score.

  • He pounced on the job offer.

2 : to act or move quickly and suddenly

  • Movie studios are ready to pounce as soon as she announces that she's making movies again.

  • She pounced at the phone when it rang.

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