May 21, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
launch /ˈlɑːntʃ/ verb

launches; launched; launching

The women are launching a new business.
The women are launching a new business.
Learner's definition of LAUNCH

[+ object]

1 a : to send or shoot (something, such as a rocket) into the air or water or into outer space

  • launch a rocket/missile/torpedo

  • launch a satellite

b : to put (a boat or ship) on the water

  • launch a battleship/lifeboat

c : to throw (something) forward in a forceful way

  • launch [=hurl] a spear

  • I was terrified when the ferocious animal suddenly launched itself at me. [=suddenly jumped at me]

2 a : to begin (something that requires much effort)

  • The enemy launched an attack at sunrise.

  • She's trying to launch a new career as a singer.

  • launch a business

b : to cause (a person or group) to start to be successful in a career, business, etc.

  • He helped launch her in her career as a singer.

c : to offer or sell (something) for the first time

  • The company is expected to launch several new products next year.

  • launch a Web site

3 computers : to cause (a program) to start operating

  • You can launch the program by double-clicking on the icon.

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