May 11, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
rather /ˈræðɚ/ adverb
It's rather sunny outside.
It's rather sunny outside.
Learner's definition of RATHER

1 : to some degree or extent

  • Yesterday was a rather [=fairly] hot day.

  • That sounded rather [=quite a bit] like thunder.

  • a rather [=quite] common flower

— often used to make a statement less forceful

  • He has been spending rather a lot of money lately.

  • She rather likes chocolate.

  • To tell you the truth, I rather think you are wrong.

  • You're driving rather fast, don't you think

2 a — used to introduce a statement that indicates what is true after you have said what is not true

  • I don't like chocolate—rather, I love chocolate.

  • What matters is not how often you call, but rather what you say.

  • It wasn't red but rather a shade of bright orange.

b — used to introduce a statement that corrects what you have just said

  • We can take the car, or rather, the van.

  • My father, or rather, my stepfather, will be visiting soon.

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