May 01, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
introduce /ˌɪntrəˈduːs/ verb

introduces; introduced; introducing

The woman is introducing herself to the group.
The woman is introducing herself to the group.
Learner's definition of INTRODUCE

[+ object]

1 : to make (someone) known to someone else by name

  • introduce two strangers

  • He introduced his guest.

  • Let me introduce myself: my name is John Smith.

— often + to

  • He introduced himself to the class.

  • She introduced her mother to her friends.

2 a : to cause (something) to begin to be used for the first time

  • They have been slow to introduce changes in procedure.

b : to make (something) available for sale for the first time

  • The designer is introducing a new line of clothes.

c : to present (something) for discussion or consideration

  • He introduced several issues during the meeting.

  • New evidence was introduced at the trial.

  • introduce a bill to Congress

3 : to bring (something, such as a type of plant or animal) to a place for the first time — often + to

  • an Asian plant that has been introduced to America

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