April 26, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
foul /ˈfawəl/ adjective

fouler; foulest

The garbage smells foul.
The garbage smells foul.
Learner's definition of FOUL

[or more foul; most foul]

1 : very unpleasant to taste or smell

  • the foul odor of rotten eggs

  • foul breath/air

  • The medicine left a foul taste in my mouth.

  • a foul-smelling chemical

2 : morally bad : very evil

  • a foul crime

3 : very bad or unpleasant

  • He was in a foul [=angry] mood.

  • The weather has been foul all week.

  • They do their job in fair weather and foul. [=in good weather and bad weather]

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