March 17, 2018
Learner's Word of the Day
luck /ˈlʌk/ noun
A four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck.
A four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck.
Learner's definition of LUCK


1 : the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned

  • Our meeting happened by (pure) luck. [=chance]

  • Her business has been doing poorly, but she's hoping that her luck will change. [=she's hoping that she will begin to have success]

  • We had good/bad luck fishing.

2 a : good fortune : good luck

  • He succeeded through hard work and a little luck.

  • We need a bit of luck.

  • If our luck holds [=if our luck continues to be good], we should be able to arrive on time.

b : success in doing or getting something

  • Have you had any luck [=success] (in) finding a new apartment?

  • “I've been looking for a new apartment.” “Any luck?” “No, not yet.”

  • I've had no luck in finding a new apartment.

  • He had no better luck than I did.

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