December 24, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
snuggle /ˈsnʌgəl/ verb

snuggles; snuggled; snuggling

The couple is snuggling by the fire.
The couple is snuggling by the fire.
Learner's definition of SNUGGLE

always followed by an adverb or preposition

1 [no object] : to lie or sit close together in a comfortable position

  • The puppy snuggled up against the sleeping boy.

  • The boy snuggled close to his mother.

  • We snuggled (together) under a blanket.

2 [+ object] : to place (something) close to or against someone or something : NESTLE

  • The dog snuggled its nose between the pillows.

  • The baby snuggled his head against my chest.

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