December 15, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
observe /əbˈzɚv/ verb

observes; observed; observing

The scientist is observing the behavior of the rats.
The scientist is observing the behavior of the rats.
Learner's definition of OBSERVE

1 : to watch and sometimes also listen to (someone or something) carefully

[+ object]

  • The class will be observing the movements of fish.

  • The patient must be observed constantly.

  • Children learn by observing their parents and others.

  • The story is a closely/well observed [=very realistic] portrait of the city.

[no object]

  • The new teacher will give the lesson today and the principal will observe.

2 [+ object] : to see and notice (someone or something)

  • We observed a large flock of birds heading north.

  • He observed two children playing with marbles on the street corner.

  • She observed that every man in the room had removed his hat.

  • Few cases of the disease have been observed in humans.

3 [+ object] : to make a comment about something you notice

  • “The paint,” she observed [=remarked, said], “is already starting to peel.”

  • Looking around at the shuttered houses, he observed [=commented] that the island was entirely different in the winter.

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