November 17, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
beam /ˈbiːm/ verb

beams; beamed; beaming

The baby is beaming with delight.
The baby is beaming with delight.
Learner's definition of BEAM

1 a [no object] : to smile happily

  • She beamed as she told us the good news.

  • They stood beaming with satisfaction.

b [+ object] : to say (something) while smiling happily

  • “We're getting married!” he beamed.

2 : to send out beams of light or energy

[no object]

  • Sunlight was beaming [=shining] through the window.

[+ object]

  • The sun beamed its light through the window.

3 [+ object] : to send out (information, television signals, etc.) through wires or the air

  • Pictures of the distant planet were beamed back to the Earth.

4 [+ object] in stories : to send (someone) to another place instantly by using a special machine

  • The space explorers were beamed onto the surface of the planet.

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