September 17, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
ringer /ˈrɪŋɚ/ noun

plural ringers

The girl is a dead ringer for her mother.
The girl is a dead ringer for her mother.
Learner's definition of RINGER


1 : someone who rings a bell

  • a bell ringer

2 : the part of a telephone that rings to signal that someone is calling

  • Turn off the ringer on the telephone.

3 informal : a person or animal that enters a contest illegally by using a false name, pretending not to have much skill, etc.

  • One of the players on the winning team was a ringer.

4 informal : someone who looks very much like another person

  • He's a ringer for the President.

  • She's a dead ringer for my cousin Julie. [=she looks exactly like my cousin Julie]

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