September 14, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
irregular ˈrɛgjəlɚ/ adjective
The strawberry has an irregular shape.
The strawberry has an irregular shape.
Learner's definition of IRREGULAR

1 [more irregular; most irregular] : not normal or usual : not following the usual rules about what should be done

  • His behavior as a teacher was highly irregular.

  • Her application was handled in an irregular manner.

2 [more irregular; most irregular] : not even or smooth : not regular in form or shape

  • an irregular outline

  • a very jagged, irregular surface

  • The stone has an irregular shape.

3 [more irregular; most irregular] a : happening or done at different times that change often

  • She has been working irregular hours. [=she has been working for different amounts of time and at different times on different days]

  • He has a very irregular schedule.

b : not happening at times that are equally separated

  • The festival has been held at irregular intervals.

  • an irregular heartbeat

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