September 03, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
forward /ˈfoɚwɚd/ adverb
The children are all facing forward.
The children are all facing forward.
Learner's definition of FORWARD

1 : toward the front : to or toward what is ahead or in front

  • a sudden movement forward

  • moved/pushed backward and forward

  • Her long hair fell forward as she bent to tie her shoes.

2 : toward the future

  • Remember to set the clock forward [=ahead] (by) an hour.

  • The narrative moves backward and forward in time.

  • from that time forward

  • Economists expect these trends to carry forward [=continue in the same way] into the next quarter.

3 : to or toward a more advanced state or condition

  • Our plans are moving forward. [=our plans are progressing]

  • The technology has taken a big step/leap forward.

  • I don't want to go forward [=proceed] without a contract.

  • We're going forward with the sale of the house. [=continuing to make the sale happen; not stopping the sale]

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