July 10, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
modest /ˈmɑːdəst/ adjective
A modest house
A modest house
Learner's definition of MODEST

1 : not very large in size or amount

  • Despite its modest [=somewhat small] size, the city has many things to offer tourists.

  • They own a modest home near the beach.

  • She enjoyed modest success with her singing career.

2 approving : not too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities : not showing or feeling great or excessive pride

  • She's very modest about her achievements.

  • Don't be so modest. Your performance was wonderful!

  • “I'm not a hero. I was just doing my job,” he said in his characteristically modest way.

  • He is unusually modest for a man who is so famous and successful.

3 a of clothing : not showing too much of a person's body

  • She preferred wearing more modest swimsuits.

  • In some countries, women must wear very modest clothing in public.

b : shy about showing your body especially in a sexual way : preferring to wear modest clothing

  • a modest young woman

modestly adverb

  • Our business has been modestly successful.

  • She modestly refused to accept credit for the team's success.

  • a modestly priced car

  • a modestly dressed young woman

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