July 03, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
interview /ˈɪntɚˌvjuː/ verb

interviews; interviewed; interviewing

The woman is interviewing the man.
The woman is interviewing the man.
Learner's definition of INTERVIEW

1 [+ object] : to question or talk with (someone) in order to get information or learn about that person

  • The company will start interviewing candidates for the job tomorrow.

  • Few of the people interviewed for the job seemed at all suitable.

  • She's been interviewed on television many times.

  • The police are interviewing [=interrogating] several witnesses.

2 [no object] US : to participate in an interview for a position (such as a job)

  • He has interviewed with many companies, but he still hasn't found a job.

— often + for

  • Several people are now interviewing for the position.

interviewer noun, plural interviewers [count]

  • an interviewer who is known for asking tough questions

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