June 28, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
thorough /ˈθɚroʊ/ adjective
The man is giving the car a thorough cleaning.
The man is giving the car a thorough cleaning.
Learner's definition of THOROUGH

[more thorough; most thorough]

1 : including every possible part or detail

  • a thorough investigation/search

  • a thorough [=complete] examination

  • a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations

2 : careful about doing something in an accurate and exact way : METICULOUS

  • a thorough worker

  • The investigator will have to be thorough.

3 always used before a noun, chiefly British : complete or absolute

  • a thorough disgrace

  • a thorough mess/nuisance

thoroughly adverb [more thoroughly; most thoroughly]

  • You've thoroughly [=completely] messed things up.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

  • He studied the proposal very thoroughly.

  • That's been thoroughly documented/proven.

thoroughness noun [noncount]

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