June 19, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
decompress /ˌdiːkəmˈprɛs/ verb

decompresses; decompressed; decompressing

The woman is decompressing after a busy day.
The woman is decompressing after a busy day.
Learner's definition of DECOMPRESS

1 : to release or reduce the physical pressure on something or to have the physical pressure released or reduced

[+ object]

  • Surgery decompressed the vertebrae.

[no object]

  • Once pressure was released, the vertebrae decompressed.

2 [+ object] computers : to change (a computer file that has been made smaller) back to its original size by using special software

  • The file must be decompressed before it can be read.

3 [no object] US, informal : to rest and relax

  • After their busy week, they needed some time to decompress. [=unwind]

decompression /ˌdiːkəmˈprɛʃən/ noun [noncount]

  • The divers underwent decompression. [=a process in which air pressure is slowly decreased to allow a person who has been deep underwater to adapt safely to the pressure at the surface]

  • data/file decompression

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